Monday, December 1, 2014



What is good guys? 

This week has been amazing. First of all Cesar was baptized! Saturday the 29th Cesar was baptized en LA IGLESIA DE JESUCRISTO DE LOS SANTOS DE LOS ULTIMOS DIAS. Heck yes my boy was dunked in the waters of baptism. It feels so amazing to be a part of his conversion to the gospel and to continue to see him grow and learn finding faith in Christ. He shared the strongest testimony after the service. Tears were shed. The church is true. 
Can I get an AMEN? Cesar is an amazing guy and honestly the most diligent searcher for truth,, He is almost complete with reading the Book of Mormon after one month of knowing about the church. Hashtag commitment. Missionary work is dope. Cesar is chill. Life is good. 

In possibly more important news. 
We killed the rat living in our room this morning at 5am. With a combination of brooms, shoes and a chair our resident number has been restored to the desired 2. 

Turkey was substituted for a lovely variety of fried jungle worms. RIP to my appetite. 
To the non-believers, there is video evidence. 

Change on Dec 14th! VAMOAS VER. Fingers crossed I have another change with Elder Taysom. 

I love you guys! Things are going great here in Arequipa, Zona: Central.
I miss you guys and hope all is well. Good to hear from my peepz as always! 
Happy Thanksgiving. 


Elder Logan Brian Malloy

Peru Arequipa Mission
Av. Del. Ejercito 710' . Piso 7,Of. 702-703
Casilla de Correo 1884

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