Monday, December 29, 2014

Feliz Ano Nuevo Lozerz

1 Feliz Navidad, 1 tear-packed Skype call, 7 days of preachin, and 2198478392 lbs of paneton (peruvian fruit cake) and I am coming back at you from the internet garage. 

I don`t have much time this week but, I do want to say how grateful I am for all your Christmas shout outs and love. I love you guys so much. 

After an emotional Skype call with la familia I am reminded just how blessed I am to have this gospel in my life. The Gospel of Jesus Christ brings us a happiness that we can`t help but share. Happy New Years peasants

Spread the good news this year and remember Elder Malloy down in Peru is doing the same. 
Love you folks. 
Elder Lobro 

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