Monday, December 15, 2014

AYYYE. ¿What up guyz?

AYYYE. ¿What up guyz?

Coming at you live companion-less! Sent my comp, Elder Taysom, off to Tacna this morning. No shame definitely cried. HAHA Elder Taysom has been an amazing friend to me and I am hecka grateful for him. 

News on the new comp:
All I have been able to collect from the Zone is that he is from the jungle and "mas o menos negro" So, I mean, I basically know him right? VAMOS A VER PEOPLE. Update to come! 
I am sure he will be sick, definitely sad to see Taysom go though.. 

The closer we get to Christmas the more I am thinking about this #HeisTheGift if you haven´t watched it HIT IT UP!

Love you all! 
Elder Malloy 

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