Monday, November 30, 2015

Dearest compadres,

To whom it may concern: My most formal apologies for the lack of blog updates in these last few weeks.. or uhm, months. But as our beloved former prophet, Gordon B. Hinkley, once said: Forget your blog, and go to work! Close quote. 

Nevertheless, I hope you know I miss you guys mucho a lot! 

These days I am coming at you from Moquegua. Which for those of you who have no idea where Moquegua is.. me either. haha It´s this awesome little town in the middle of the dessert and I love it. The traditional women here wear the most ridiculous hats, Honestly I need to take a picture for you guys but just imagine like a Peter Pan hat with a full boque of indoor fake flowers and random confetti strands. #datstyledoe 
Other updates related to the change-- And it came to pass, that is was super hot and the members gave us way to much food and my cheeks did swell until they had become exceedingly chubby. Nevertheless I Elder Malloy, having been exceedingly blessed, my heart began to rejoice in the fruits of the labors of my awesome new companion from Ecuador. And they did call him Elder Alzamora and he was chill. 

We are preparing six awesome people to be baptized the 26th of December and honestly it sounds crazy to us but we have mucho faith! 
This week my favorite teaching moment was with Judith and Maria. (a super sweet Mom and her 18 year old daughter) Judith has been in the hospital all week and we have stopped by every day because she loves learning. The first day she was put in the hospital we invited her and Maria to be baptized the 26th and I dont know why I just started crying and they started crying and then Judith told us she had a dream an hour before we came that I would say what I had said! I cant really explain it but they are awesome and we love them! SO Be praying for the 26th people! 

I broke two of our "pensionistas" glass cups this week and she did not fail to point out that Christmas is coming.. 

Uhm, today we were walking to breakfast and this little middle aged shorty uhm, I mean... sister starts charging at us full speed (like knees to chest running) asking if I was from the United States. Needless pictures were taken 
So,15 months in PerĂº and the Lobro fame lives on.

I may or may not have been called out by an investigator for sleeping in Sacrament Meeting. 

Everything is just going super well these days and it feels really good. 

#hanacidounsalvador #asaviorisborn Elder Malloy