Saturday, January 31, 2015

Alright to answer your questions!

Alright to answer your questions! 

- What I deal with in the office is records. So every week I deal with all the baptisms through  out the mission and record and send in the information to SLC. Also I deal with finding birth certificates to help with marriages and things like that. Or like if someone needs to find a record of an old baptism through SLC. I don't know really I find new things that are part of my job everyday haha. Also I work with references. SLC will call me a lot with references from Temple Square, but mostly like if someone meets someone in another area I pass references along throughout the mission. 

- What my day is. 
6:30 Every morning we go running across this huge beautiful bridge by our house.
7:30 Then we get about an hour and a half to study and a half an hour to make breakfast. (NO PENSIONISTA! I love being able to make my own food. haha)
Okay, so then by 9:30 we have to be heading the office. Once we are to the office I go straight to work and get all my records for the day filed and work with whatever requests I have. I can usually wrap things up by lunch. 
around 12:00 or 1:00 we go to lunch. We eat out every day because we have to stay close and don't have a pension. My favorite place to go is Mamut or Pura Fruta and get a turkey sandwich and mango juice of a fruit salad. (baha it is ridiculous how nice our area is!)
okay so after lunch I come back and start doing whatever side projects I can find from President or his wife. Depending on the day or help my comp Elder Rossano with his job which is materials. We send out all the boxes and packages and letters and church supplies to every area in the mission. Its super time consuming and we have to cater to all the needs of the mission. (I help him a lot because my job is in the morning and his is in the afternoon) But anyways so we do all that. 
5:00 is when we should be able to leave and start teaching.. BUT it is super hard to get out of the office when we have a lot of work so sometimes we work until 6 or 7 during the week of transfers and newbies. 
But yeah so we usually can have 1 or 2 lessons in the night and end the day like normal. 
Get back to the room at 9:30 and make some dinner and wind down. (its chill living with 6 of us together) 
Our apartment is super nice! It has 4 bathrooms! BAHA. Super weird to be here in the office sometimes but I love it. 
New comp?: Elder Rossano from South Carolina! He is super cool. He is 23 and decided to gradate college early when he felt like he should serve. He has 9 months here in the mission.

-My camera. 
NOPE. I don't have it yet but I think it is fixed!
so no pictures this week.. 

Okay yeah. HAHA
elder malloy.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

New P day is Saturday

Okay first thing is first!

my camera broke.. SO ANNOYING!

The update is that I am officially here is the office! I have been training all week but moved out last night. TBH tears were shed saying goodbye to the Ranilla family. BUT all is well.
I love it here and am having SO much fun working with Elder Peterson (one of my best friends in the mission from SLC) and also my new comp Elder Rosano (from South Carolina) who is also super chill.

This week has been kind of weird because we haven't been able to teach much! Which is just a part of working in the office I guess.. But we do get to teach for a little bit usually everyday! Depends on how much work we have. But I really do love being here and working with office stuff. I think The Lord new that I would. ahah.

Uhm, yeah.
Nada mucho!

I am going to talk to president about getting on for a sec Monday to see if you guys emailed me. I know you usually write Sundays.
New P day is Saturday.


Monday, January 19, 2015



This week has been so great. I don't have much time to hit you up with all the details but for one.
We had the baptism of Hermano Santos! Hermano Santos has seriously been a miracle and a testimony builder for me here in my mission. SO I am super stoked for him and know he is in the right path! 

I got word that I am leaving Lara! I am headed to work in the office for this next change. (Monday) 

I am going to miss Lara so much! There are so many I will miss here.
 ELder Malloy. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

¡5 Meses!

Feliz P-day amigos.

Hey guys, today marks month 5 here in Peru. hashtag what. hashtag this computer doesn't have a hashtag. hashtag I really should have taken that as a clue not to use hashtags. hashtag past the point of no return. 

Sin embargo, this week has been so great! Santos (investigator of gold and biggest hippie in all of Peru) is so excited for his baptism on Saturday and so am I! 

Before I forget, two shout outs:

23 years. I love you so much Mum and Dad. I am so grateful to have the best padres en el mundo.
If you see Bobert and Trace-aay give them a hug for me. Being here in my mission has made it so easy to see how lucky I am to have them. 

¡Feliz Cumpleaños a LA MEJOR HERMANITA, PIM! 
Happy Birthday lil Lin. Love you so much! Don't let the h8rz stop you from doing your thang this year. (letter on its way a.k.a should be to Utah by 2016) 

This week,

Tuesday we celebrated "Dia de Los Reys" with Cuy (Guenia Pig) for lunch. We first killed them which was a surprisingly liberating experience. Oops.
      You grab it by the jaw and do this awkward lumberjack swinging motion over your shoulder and thrust it to the ground. I had to do it like 89 times but mine finally died. (pictures to come next week my memory card is in my room) Then we shave them. Literally you can see Satan in the eyes of a shaved guinea pig. I was hardcore toughing it all the way through this whole process. 
I ate it all and pretended it didn't taste like a rat. But my stomach was not fooled and I have not been the same since.. haha. hashtag pray for Logan's stomach 2k15. (another hashtag I need to not)

Other than that this week has been pretty normal! We have been teaching some new people and I have high hopes for these guys! I only have one picture on this memory card and its of Eddy Santiago. He is the best, he drew this picture of Josè Smith receiving the priesthood. I love teaching Eddy and his big brother Diego. 

I love you guys! 
hasta el proximo p day. 

E L D E R 

Monday, January 5, 2015