Saturday, January 24, 2015

New P day is Saturday

Okay first thing is first!

my camera broke.. SO ANNOYING!

The update is that I am officially here is the office! I have been training all week but moved out last night. TBH tears were shed saying goodbye to the Ranilla family. BUT all is well.
I love it here and am having SO much fun working with Elder Peterson (one of my best friends in the mission from SLC) and also my new comp Elder Rosano (from South Carolina) who is also super chill.

This week has been kind of weird because we haven't been able to teach much! Which is just a part of working in the office I guess.. But we do get to teach for a little bit usually everyday! Depends on how much work we have. But I really do love being here and working with office stuff. I think The Lord new that I would. ahah.

Uhm, yeah.
Nada mucho!

I am going to talk to president about getting on for a sec Monday to see if you guys emailed me. I know you usually write Sundays.
New P day is Saturday.


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