Monday, June 29, 2015

feliz 4 de julio mis gringitos

earth to America,

Hey guys, ending yet another freakishly fast and spiritually jammed
pack week in Chivay.
This week has been great with Elder Diederich. Selfish to pray he has
8 months here so we can have another change together? Tal vez.

So the jist of the work in Chivay right now is PFs. Partcial member
families. We are planning two for two weddings in August so wish us

One of my favorite families we are working with right now is the Inga
Mamani family.
My first day here I met two twin girls Liset and Angie. They are 10
years old and have been baptized for 2 years, ever since I got here I
have been working hard to get the primary running again in the branch
and never really knew why. But I know now that it has been for there
family. The Inga Mamani family. Their parents have been waiting to be
baptized for almost 4 years! But they are not married and can not find
the fathers birth certificate. What a joke!
So we are working hard to file through every Peruvian birth ever
recorded to help this family to their goal of being baptized and sealed
in the temple.

- Elder Diederich and I have set out to learn Quechua Peru´s native language
- We made french toast yesterday. Praise to the Man.
- I have found a replacement to my Capri-Sun addiction. Quinua with
apple some weird oatmealish drink they make and serve in plastic bags
with straws. I am hooked.

Love you guys.
Probably buying a Pancho today as a planned impulse buy so oops.

Elder Malloy.

Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015

Ok fam.
Another week has flown by, they strangely keep getting shorter. 
This week has been a week of finding.

 We have a good 15 or so new names and 10 new investigators. Pretty much Elder Diederich and I are setting out to bring all of Chivay to the gospel of Jesus Christ.
One of my favorite new investigators is Betty. We were out contacting and talking with this little lady who goes by "Mazanita" (little apple) (she literally is shaped like an apple so I the nickname was not questioned) anyways she was super excited to listen to us and excepted our invitation to be baptized with her son. Meanwhile some lady come marching in to Mazanita´s store and interrupted saying like whats going on here? We explained we were there sharing a message on behalf of Jesus Christ, she asked if she could sit in on the lesson and has been meeting with us ever since.
-- Betty works in the Plaza selling food. She always offers us sandwiches, that we just found out are made of pig head. Which is against the mission rules. oopz. 

Teresa. Teresa is back with her abusive boyfriend likely because she has no where else to go. But, he has forbidden her from meeting with us. I still pray for Lucero, John, and  Milagros. I love those kids.
1. Showerless week due to the broken water heater and us not be down to risk hypothermia. 
2. The dedication of the Trujillo Peru Temple! Arequipa is next muchachos. 
3. The anniversary of Chivay = weird traditional parades and getting trampled me large crowds of people with alpaca skulls on there heads. haha 
4. P-day in Chivay and sleep over in the mission home.
Btdubbz hit me up with any good mutual activities for my Young men!
love you guys, 
Elder Malloy.

 ok who let the dogs out is playing in this Internet garage right now I cant PerĂº I am sorry. haha. 

1- Mission home shanaginz

2- Chivay Elders Mission home shanaginz pt. 2 

3- My home land of Chivay 

4- kicking donkeys out of the chapel on the daily

5- One of my youngmen invited us to a rap battle

Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8, 2015

May 23, 2015

Hi guys.

WELP, you are probably wondering if I am still alive if you read this blog. oops. 
Si, vivo peeps. 

These last week have flown by so freakishly fast. I am finishing up my third and rumored to be last change working in the office this week. Bitter sweet adios-es eh? 
Honestly my time here in Mirador has been so fun. So many people I love here, plus ratchet stories, and way more queso helado than I should have ate. 

Weekly Highlights: 

- Kristell got her temple recommend and is going to travel to Lima in August with the Young Women. I love Kristell and am so happy to see her grow in the gospel. She made me a big card this week that said her testimony with a whole bunch of ghetto sparkle craft stuff. Teresa is also getting ready to go to the temple and it just makes me so happy to see where they are headed. 
- Hector is coming to church every week with his little school boy tie and suit and is still sharing his testimony with everyone he encounters. HAHA 
- We found THE SICKEST family whos daughter moved to Ohio got baptized and is now on her mission in Idaho. Meanwhile her family is just here waiting to hear the gospel. More to come on them, but I am stoked! 
-teaching myself to watercolor paint, no pasa nada hasta esta hora doeee. 

Love you guys. 

L-durr Lobro