Monday, March 28, 2016

Sup Familia

K, super funny to see you guys at the "peruvian" restaurant! There are certain flavors that one simply can not experience in America... BAHA hashtagaplacaheadsoup Oh and you better believe the easter tradition here, Crawdad soup. My personal fav. haha Also They make like 12 different types of weird puddings "mazamoras" for the twelve apostles. (Apprently they think that happened in the bible somewhere haha) But its fun, I like it. 
But my first description of Inca Cola was carbonated peptobismol. 
Only 3 more family birthday dinners without me guys. 

So updates: 

NEW COMP. Elder Montes from Colombia. He is literally Marty from Madagascar. I know I say I love all my companions but its true! Its kind of sad to think that he is my last comp. This is going to be so great haha. But I am pretty sad to have sent Elder Zibetti off to Moquegua. 

ALAN AND MICHELE. Well its official Alan and Michele are getting married in the chapel on the 6th of May and baptized on the 7th! So the releif sosciety and bishopric is helping us put that together. I had a couple suggestions: Music: A whole new world Decorations: Spray painted white trees. 
BAHA I am honestly so stoked for them. We fasted this last week for Alan, that he would be able to except the gospel fully. The spirit was so strong as we turned around to see him walk in with michele and andrea ALL dressed in church cloth! Fasting is a lot more than just not eating breakfast kids. Who knew? haha 

Basically all is swell here! 

gaaaaaaaaaaaaash guys 
love you and miss you all so much. 
-- Elder Lobro

Monday, February 22, 2016


Coming at you this week with a knarly case of the black lung! The last 3 days have basically just been a large continuos cough. Elder Zibetti told me I need more vitamin C. I told him the only vitamins I need are G O and D! amirite? 

So Saturday Danitza was baptized! 
Lets just say she will never forget her baptism.. So she is 23 and has never been swimming before and didnt know she had a SEVERE aphobia of water. 10 pep talks, 5 hymns  and 30 prayers later she is an oficial latter day saint! Gosh, I love the mission. HAHA 

My new companion is basically me but cordniated and doesnt know the difference between sans serif and serif fonts is. 

We get along too well sometimes. We may or may not have riff offs on a daily basis. 

Bloggable highlights: 
- I can fit my fist through the whole in the heal of my shoe.
- I have a new 93 year old best friend named Julita who keeps a knife under her pillow and threatens to use it if we dont eat her assorted chocolates. 

adios fanz. 
elder lobro. 

More Pics!


Family History with Amiel! Next stop: Temple and a mission! 
                                  Awkward English Class pic.  

     Family History with Amiel! Next stop: Temple and a mission! 

                                    Gustavos Baptism. 

December 14, 2015

You better believe we fed pigs yesterday and Alberto came to church! 
Their family is doing awesome. MarĂ­a is kind of not sure about the 26th but she for sure loves coming to church and is studying every night. Judith is 100% sure. Alberto came to church which was a huge step. 
Silveria came to church! Which is good this is her 6th attendance. We are hoping she will be ready for the 26th! The only problem is she lives in her feild working all day long. So we might be helping harvest avacado this week to get a lesson in. 
Gullermina. She is my favortite of all our investigators .