Monday, February 22, 2016


Coming at you this week with a knarly case of the black lung! The last 3 days have basically just been a large continuos cough. Elder Zibetti told me I need more vitamin C. I told him the only vitamins I need are G O and D! amirite? 

So Saturday Danitza was baptized! 
Lets just say she will never forget her baptism.. So she is 23 and has never been swimming before and didnt know she had a SEVERE aphobia of water. 10 pep talks, 5 hymns  and 30 prayers later she is an oficial latter day saint! Gosh, I love the mission. HAHA 

My new companion is basically me but cordniated and doesnt know the difference between sans serif and serif fonts is. 

We get along too well sometimes. We may or may not have riff offs on a daily basis. 

Bloggable highlights: 
- I can fit my fist through the whole in the heal of my shoe.
- I have a new 93 year old best friend named Julita who keeps a knife under her pillow and threatens to use it if we dont eat her assorted chocolates. 

adios fanz. 
elder lobro. 

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