Saturday, February 21, 2015

Coming at you live from P-day

Hey guys, 

Coming at you live from P-day.
Sorry I didn´t post last week, we went to the waterfalls. Hecka.

So this week has basically been great. 

We found this awesome family that has been inactive for like 10 years. We came across them and just hit it off! Things have been going so well and they are so happy to be returning to the church! MILAGROS EN MIRADOR. The 13 year old (Lev) is going to receive priesthood tomorrow. Lev is the best, yesterday we were singing Say Something and practicing English after a family home evening (I have a promise with him that if he learns English I will introduce him to one of my sisters)(lo siento sistaz) 
So I am pretty stoked for them! Other than that we are still looking for someone who we can get to come to church! We have had a couple lessons with new investigators this week so FINGERS CROSSED PEOPLE.


-Presidente took us to a Bull Fight one day at the random! (pictures to come) 
- Mi compaƱero es mi pata. (my comp is my leg which somehow mean homie in spanish slang) 

Nada mucho! 
Love you guys have a great week! Love hearing from you. 

paz y bendiciones. 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Hey guys

Hey guys,

So la Madre told me I need to step up my blog game so.. aqui estoy. haha. 

Office news. 

Well I got my own official office plaque, so you could say things are getting preeeetty swanky. 
The office is great. It fun to be able to see what we can do to help the missionaries and improve the mission. Also, not complaining that there is a fro-yo place down the street. #uppereastsideperubenifits 

La Obra: 

I am so stoked, this week was a little ruff. We are basically starting from nothing here in Mirador, so that on top of work in the office just makes the work a little ruff! BUT, we havent let that get us down. 

But yeah, so we were looking for a recent convert who we havent met and havent seen in church but his casa was hecka impossible to find. So we stopped in this little corner market to ask for some directions. Come to find out the most amazing little lady lives there who invited us in and sat us down. She spent like 902348023 hours showing us her kids on Facebook who live in the states and then tells us about her son who served a mission in Spain and is living there with his older brother who is also a member.¡MAS ESCOGIDO! She loves the church and the Book of Mormon but had to stop taking the lessons when she moved to Lima after being diagnosed with Cancer. Now she is here and ready! 

It was such a cool experience after a little bit of a ruff week. I know if we work hard The Lord will take us where we need to be. 

Apartment Talk: 

So living with 6 Elders is super chill. 
Sin embargo, Risk the board game has officially been banded after a friendly pday pass time has resulted in some really awkward silences. (Elder Peterson and I had such a hard time trying not to laugh at how serious it was taken) 
But World War 3 is over and all is well. 

Elder Rossano, Elder Peterson, and I have the best time working together and I am loving where I am at here. 
I love the mish. The 6 month mark is creeping up and it feels so weird. 

Elder Malloy. 

PS I should have pictures next week