Monday, June 8, 2015

May 23, 2015

Hi guys.

WELP, you are probably wondering if I am still alive if you read this blog. oops. 
Si, vivo peeps. 

These last week have flown by so freakishly fast. I am finishing up my third and rumored to be last change working in the office this week. Bitter sweet adios-es eh? 
Honestly my time here in Mirador has been so fun. So many people I love here, plus ratchet stories, and way more queso helado than I should have ate. 

Weekly Highlights: 

- Kristell got her temple recommend and is going to travel to Lima in August with the Young Women. I love Kristell and am so happy to see her grow in the gospel. She made me a big card this week that said her testimony with a whole bunch of ghetto sparkle craft stuff. Teresa is also getting ready to go to the temple and it just makes me so happy to see where they are headed. 
- Hector is coming to church every week with his little school boy tie and suit and is still sharing his testimony with everyone he encounters. HAHA 
- We found THE SICKEST family whos daughter moved to Ohio got baptized and is now on her mission in Idaho. Meanwhile her family is just here waiting to hear the gospel. More to come on them, but I am stoked! 
-teaching myself to watercolor paint, no pasa nada hasta esta hora doeee. 

Love you guys. 

L-durr Lobro 

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