Monday, December 22, 2014

Feliz Navidad Peasentz

Okay okay. Feliz Navidad America. 

So I have officially received a complaint via the mother of fellow STG - Arequipa Peru missionary Hermana Holt that my emails have gone down hill. 
OUCH. Right to the corazón

Offense taken. 

So I am officially back in the game / I am going to try because my sense of humor for sure is at an all time low seeing as most of my comedic inspiration is found in Preach my Gospel. 


Elder Lobromallo coming at you live this week with my new comp from the jungle, 
Elder Pinedo. We chill. (hasta esta hora) No for real, Elder Pinedo is down in my book.
He is a crackup and we are constantly laughing. 

I have been teaching him English and his vocabulary is as follows:

I need to pee, like now. 

Lets blows this popsicle stand. 

He has no chill. 


I can dig it. 

Lets bounce. 

Chill yourself.


Sorry not Sorry

So basically he knows all the essentials.

This week we had a Christmas party with all the Zones here in Arequipa. I got to see some of the CCM homies/tried to dodge some of the not so homies. We had to put on a some ghetto play in with I originally stared as Elder Draco Malfoy and was later down graded to Kevin Macalister from Home Alone. Dont even want to talk about it. Hahaha. 


Tuesday we were walking down the street and passed a family. Something told me to turn back and awkwardly greet them again. So we did. 
We shared a little bit about #HEISTHEGIFT #ELESLADÁDIVA (I am sure that all your instagrams are spammed with that by now) and planned a day and time that we could swing by again and share more. 

The day we came by to teach her she was ready waiting for us in her patio with drinks and snacks. Like, alright I can dig. Anyways, she said that in all honesty she is not sure why she set up a visit for us to come back, that it was totally out of her character. (welcome to Peru) 
But, she described a feeling in her chest telling her to let us come by and later not being able to explain it.


It was a great lesson and when we ended with a prayer she shared with us her feelings on prayer. She shared that she often prays to the Virgin Marry. Worldly me at this point is mid-eye-roll (ain't nobody got time fo´ the Virgin Maria or her false idols sorry not sorry)  but she continued to explain that she prays to her because she feels that Heavenly Father doesn't have time for her amongst all the other problems that we have in the world. 

That hit me so hard. 
An almost audible voice said to me I have time for her. 

Our Heavenly Father has time for each and every on of us. 
This Christmas remember how much he loves you, remember Porque de tal manera dios amó el mundo, porque de tal manera dios amó ti, que ha dado su hijo unigentio, para que todo aquel que en el cree no se perida ma tenga la vida eterna. - Juan 3:16
He has time for you. 

Merry Christmas family and friends. 
My love for you is so strong this Christmas season all the way from Peru. 

Elder Malloy. 

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