Monday, September 29, 2014



I made it! I am here in Arequipa coming at you live from some internet garaje on the side of the street. I am loving it all here! I am truly so happy and it freaks me out. 


My companions name is Elder Taysom, he is from Idaho. Heck yes, I got a gringo trainer. He is such a chill Elder. He has been such a help my first week and we get along perfectly. We watch cheesy LDS movies and go hard to EFY music every night. It is definitely a blessing to have such a chill trainer. He is new to the area as well so we have A LOT of work ahead of us. I am at a loss as to what the last missionaries in our area were doing because the last shown records are from 2011. Our ward has been so inviting, we have like 5 adoptive families. The chillest is the Familia Jarra they gave us some chill Latino stitched hoodrat jeans -authentic Latin fashion here people.

Okay, so the only real stuggle is I had this weird illness! I lost my voice for 3 days and couldn't breathe and my eye swelled up with weird puss. HAHAHA I swear I dont know how we have so many investigadores because when we first met I was looking ruff. I don´t dare send a picture. 

Funny Story of the Week:

Okay, So Elder Taysom and I show up for the first visit with a sister we met on the streets. She was very welcoming and invited us in excited for our message. We make our way to the couch and sit down BAM 10x7 painting of a provocative naked woman on the opposite side of the room. LIKE WHAT? Just your casual living room decor here in Peru I suppose. She left the room for a moment and Elder Taysom and I bolted to the other side other side of the room dying laughing. She gave us a weird look for a moment when she came back but I dont think she noticed why we switched sides. The visit actually went really well, her desire to learn is a lot better than her taste in art. She came to church with us yesterday, we stopped by and she was waiting all ready in her little church outfit with her bible. 


Elder Taysom and I are just bumping down the street contently making our way to the home of an investigador when this little 4 feet tall women yelled something translated to the extent of ¨Hey! White Idiots come here! I have something to say!¨ Like oh, okay. So out of curiosity we listen to her story. Condensed version is she will not be joining our church because we do not wear hats and are going to get skin cancer and die, therefore she will be speaking with the Jehovah Witnesses because they wear hats. She proceeded to share with us that she has seen Jesus. One night when she was walking through a field Jesus stood in a house, but not a house made by a man a cave house. He told her to enter but she knew there was a lion in the cave and refused. She turned around and the devil was waiting for her. She took the devils hand and he took her to safety. 
AT THIS POINT I HAVE LIKE HOLDING BACK TEARS LAUGHING. Sometimes you have to stop and listen to the crazies to keep it interesting. HAHA BLESS THIS HERMANA HAHA 

These people here mean the world to me, and so does the message I am here to share. Its an amazing feeling to wake up everyday with the purpose of preaching the gospel. I hope all is well back at home! I love you guys at can´t wait to hear from you again next week! 

Your gringo, 
Elder Malloy. 


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