Friday, March 13, 2015

Better late than never.

Hi family and friends.

This week has flown by; the first and last week of the change are always the busiest here in the office. We sent 15 elders home Thursday and are welcoming 15 more this Tuesday. It really puts in to perspective how fast 2 years goes by. I see all these elders leaving and realize you never really feel ready to be done. I have so much to do here and so much to learn! 


Okay this week has been an amazing week of spiritual experiences amongst all the chaos of the changes. 

For one we met this amazing Mom who hasn´t been coming to church for around 4 years, when she was originally taking the mission lessons she had to sneak out of her house in fear of her abusive husband. Now, 4 years later she is ready to come back and her 12 year old daughter is more than excited to be baptized. We asked her if she had any questions after the lesson and she asked "¿Cuando es lo más pronto que yo pueda ser bautizado?" "When is the soonest I can be baptized?" I love the feeling that comes with seeing a family apply the gospel in their lives and playing a role in their return. 

Today we had an activity in the stake where all the missionaries left with a teenager, preparing for a mission, to show them how awesome it is to be missionary. I left with Pedro, this super cool 16 year old from the Umacollo ward. We headed to visit this little grandma investigator  who loves listening to us and is always happy to see us at the door I thought it would be a safe bet for a great experience! ABORT. Things went so bad. HAHA Her 4 foot nothing, Peruvian tempered, 70 year old, husband came marching to the door cussing us out with a mouth full of Spanish far beyond my gospel driven vocabulary.


Still not ready to give up on them quite yet haha. But, so here I am trying to show Pedrocito how awesome it is to serve a mission, trying to keep up with Señor Julio´s SMACK TALK, all while dodging a door slam. BUENO. 
So back up plan we head to one of the inactive members of the ward we are working with. He invited us in and we shared a nice lesson with him, but just as we were getting ready to go, his grandma hobbles out asking for a blessing. She recently fell down the stairs and is kind of just a senile mess. (lo siento gma) The spirit was so strong as we invited the whole house to sit in on the blessing. Before we left we knelt down with the family and the father offered a prayer. He ended in tears as he tried to count the years since his last prayer. Pedro bore his testimony on the strength of a family. It was sick. Later at the end of the activity Pedro shared his testimony of missionary work. LA OBRA DEL SEÑOR people!  

Anyways it has been such a great week here. I hope everyone is gucci back in the land of the free. Love you all so much can´t wait to hear from you guys Saturday! 


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