Friday, March 20, 2015



Wow this week flew by, This we had all the new elders and sisters come, "consejo" or the night where the mission secretaries have to talk to all the zone leaders in this big conference, leadership counsel, and zone conference. SO yeah a lot going on. Not to mention preparing for a baptism the week to come!  

 Stories for you this week;

1. Nelí, 
I don´t know if anyone remebers when I talked about Nelí but we finally got to speak with her again! Nelí is the mother of a two missionaries who served in Spain a few years back and now live in Europe. The night we found her (about a month ago) she was SO happy to see us and was so excited to come to church. But, when we went back to see her she had completely changed and we had no idea why! Anyways, Thursday night we were passing by her house/store and I just felt a an impression to go in. I told Elder Rossano and he shrugged it off, due to her complete lack of interest in us the past month, I agreed we kept walking for a moment and he said "No, you´re right we need to go back." The moment we entered she came running up grabbing us by the arms telling us a long experience. She shared with us how she got discouraged to be Mormon by a friend. But in the last week she received an answer telling her that she should not have turned us away and needs to start coming to church and learning more. She talked about the light she can see in the member of the church. We were so happy! Sometimes the spirit tells us things and the natural man tries to brush it off! But I am so glad Elder Rossano and I turned around and saw Nelí that night. 

2. K so today is P-day but Elder Peterson and Moreno (the other secs) had a baptism so I was in the house grabbing some things with Elder Peterson and our landlord comes to the door. I answer the door and, without introducing herself, she begins explaining how we need to kill the birds and their eggs that are nesting in our window seal. First off I was sitting there like who is this lady like I had never seen her in my life! But when I came to the conclusion that she was our land lord I tried to reason with her without confrontation #representativeofJesusChrist about how we should wait until they hatch and can fly but she would not have it! So I might be hiding fugitive bird eggs in my top drawer until they hatch. Oops. 

3. The sisters in our zone called the other morning asking us for help, because they got locked out of their room. So yeah, not really sure what they were expecting us to be able to do but we swung over to try to help with "Papito" or Brother Minaya. (I can´t remember if I have told you guys about Papito, he is this 55 year old man who works for the mission and is basically in a trio with me and Elder Rossano we are his best friends and he is with us working and driving us around Arequipa to run errands sun up to sun down. Love that guy, he wears a mission plaque that says Hermano Minya haha. Anyways yeah) So we get there and tried to break in through the window but the window, but the window wouldn´t open. So Elder Moreno just starts shoving random keys in the slot and one of the Office keys worked to open their door. GHETTO. So I officially feel really safe at night now knowing that the locks here are super trustworthy. ¡MAS BAMBA! }

Everything is well here in Mirador. 
I love my area, it is huge. We are in the ancient part of the city with old chapels and stone streets. We find a new cool place to contact almost everyday. The work is really moving along here and I love getting to know the people. Also, still working hard in the office. 

Love you people, 
Elder Lobro  

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