Monday, November 10, 2014


Saludos a todos! Estoy tan feliz! Tenemos tres fechas para noviembre! El obra es realmente bueno en nuestro área en este momento! 
But most of all, I am stoked because my package with my micro plus blanket and hot cheetos came in the mail. SHOUT OUT TO LA MAXIMA MADRE EN LA TIERRA. 

Okay in slightly less self centered news my best friend in Peru (Lady age 9) (taking what I can get on the friendship scene) gave the prayer in Sacrament meeting.  !PUEDO ESCUCHAR UNA AMEN! Her family is preparing for baptism and we finally got them to church when Lady was in the Primary Program. BAH you think primary programs in the states are good you should have seen this on yesterday. At one point the bishops little son yelled translated to English something to the extent of THIS IS GOING REAL BAD REAL FAST. 

My zone is filled with newbz to the area this week with all the area changes. SOS they better be chill because I am not down for boring weekly zone conferences. 

We made more cookies last Monday after one my best friends (Elder Quilcat from Trijijo Peru) begged for us to show him how to make them. (not the slimmest Elder in the field I might add) 

SKETCHY... I mean spiritual experience of the week was having the opportunity to visit the hospital to give a sister in the ward a blessing. We found ourselves in a cramped  room of several patients with various conditions. The smell of dirty bed pans and sweaty elderly was hard to ignore as we met with the sister and began to offer a blessing of health. But as we were able to exercise priesthood authority the room fell silent. Moans of pain ceased and worried relatives lost words. As we prepared to leave shaking hands with the sister sharing last words of comfort and encouragement a woman approached us asking if people who are not Mormon are able to receive blessings, We promptly replied of course! She proceeded to walk us in the direction of her brother who lied pale and thin in his rickety hospital cot. He slept through most, if not all, of the blessing, but I know it was heard where it needed to be heard. After the blessing his sister reached for her purse asking how much she owed us. Completely taken aback we replied that money can not by blessings, that with faith and hope in the Lord and his plan he can know what his father has in store for him.

I love being a missionary and I love all of you! 

Elder Malloy 

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