Monday, November 17, 2014

Called to swerve, Month 3


MONTH THREE PEOPLE! I am semi-not-a-newbie anymore! 
Feels so good to be out here and be in the swing of things! 

It has been a week full of service we helped a family paint their house and helped two other families move. 

Not much I can think of to share this week! 

The highlight definitely was the baby shower. Yes, baby shower. NO CLUE. We some how were involved in a baby shower unexpectedly? I was asked to give a speech.... I don't know how to give a baby shower speech in English let alone Spanish so let's just count are blessings that's over! 

I am out of time seeing as we are hiking out to some waterfall? Don't ask me. HAHA. 

I also had to speak for 15 minutes in sacrament and it was actually a BOMB talk so what up Peru. 

Love, Elder Malloy. 

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