Monday, October 27, 2014


¿Que tal guys?

First things first! I actually got a picture to attach! Halloween miracle. Elder Taysom and I are going full thug baking cookies for the less actives and elderly in the ward today. HAHA.
They don't understand the concept of a cookie here, they call crackers cookies and that is a problem, a problem that we are about to address  with a couple batches of ghetto gringo Americano missionary cookies.

This week has been great! We actually had a good turn out to sacrament meeting this week! The best was a man named Nolrberto (I thought it was Norberto, he just had a lisp due to his lack of teeth but it has been confirmed it is in fact Norlberto). Norlberto is 88 years old. Some might say wait a few years and do his work in the temple but I say there is always room for a fossil or two in the chapel. We may of may not have had to buy him breakfast on the way and wait 23745237 years for him to chew it (again due to his lack of teeth) but it was great to see little Norl in the chapel. He is a little hard of hearing and kind of blunt and lives alone but we LOVE him. He lost his wife 60 years ago after she was released from the hospital too early after a surgery and died on the bus ride home. We shared with him the message of the Plan of Salvation. He started crying as we explained he can and will see his wife again through the plan of his father in heaven. He´s lived 60 years thinking that he would never see her again, that life after death was nonexistent. Families can be together forever.

This is not the only case that has got me thinking this week but its definitely one that's stuck with me. We have dozens of investigators with dozens of problems but the gospel of Christ is the cure to all of them. 

I love you guys! Great to hear from all of you! Stay Ghetto. 
Elder Malloy

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