Monday, October 13, 2014


Another week down in the field and I am going strong. This week I got to watch conference, in Spanish. My brain is literally still fried from trying to concentrate on the message but I can’t express how blessed we are to here from our prophet and his apostles. My favorite was definitely Elder Holland’s talk on charity in the Saturday session. Yeah apparently they have sessions on Saturday too? Who knew? 

Okay so a lot of you have been wanting to know an average day in the life of Elder Lobro so here you go children: 

I wake up at an hour that I didn’t know existed two months ago to go running with Elder Taysom. Let me remind you Elder Taysom is a pro-mountain biker and extreme rock climber who lived off a strict diet of heath food and granola before the mission while I am a graphic designer who enjoys the simple things in life like Netflix and hot Cheetos. Needless to say he has some serious patience with me not only on our runs.

Next we study scriptures for like 109 years and get some training in before lunch. Elder Taysom is easily the chillest trainer in the world.

All out meals are at our house. We live with our pension, Hermana Carmen. Our adoptive Abuela. She is a little loving Peruvian women with a huge heart and a huge desire to feed me a huge amount of food. 

The rest of the day depend on the schedule but mainly consists of 

Us politely integrating every family in Arequipa Central for their address and phone number so we can teach them about the gospel. 

Avoiding these ratchet dogs. (I have been bitten three times this week. The city of Arequipa is definitely the set of the ASPCA commercials and I find myself sarcastically humming IN THE ARMMMMMS OF THE ANGEEELS on an hourly basis.) 

Teaching so many lessons! I am happy with the way things are going we have found a lot of progressing investigators and I am so excited every day to see how they are doing and see what we can help them with.

Visiting members. Visiting Menos Activos. Contacting. Ghetto Service. Trying to speak in spanish.Noches de Hogar. Fighting off my homeless drunks and their desires to kiss me. ect.. 

We end the day with a planning session, a cheesy LDS movie, chill stories and vent sessions, a cup of Manzanilla and a bowl of my favorite Lucuma yogurt with almond cereal. 

So yeah basically I love being a missionary more every day. I never knew one day could be so productive.


1 -My district. Love these Elders y Hermanas. They refer to me as Elder Malfoy and insist that I resemble Draco Malfoy. Also, they often chant my name which for some reason Latinos chanting your name is more motivating than its supposed to be.

2-  Just on our way to a visit.)

Love you guys! Thanks for all the emails! I love to hear from you every week! 

Elder Malloy 

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