Monday, July 27, 2015

The Chivay Guy

Well, I guess I always knew I was not cut out for the blog life. Granted I attributed that to my less than blog worthy living. One can really only post so much about Chick-Fil-A and Netflix. However, that is no longer the case. I am now a full time servant of the Lord in the land of the chuño and alpaca and if I do say so myself that is half-blogable. Pero, my blog game is pretty no bueno right now si me entiendes. (refer to your best Spanish to English translation source if you are new to the world of Spanglish humor por favor) Yes, I probably should step up my game. No promesas though. To my defense Perú is famous for many things high speed Internet is just not one of them. 
  Wow I am really not sure where to begin. Well for starters we are rolling into week 3 of the transfer here with my new companion Elder Hunter Kehoe from our very own Las Vegas. I would challenge you all for the traditional Insta-stalk run-down however I highly doubt we could dig any dirt up on this guy. He´s a saint. Elder Kehoe is basically a perfect missionary. (still looking for the catch tbh) He puts up with most of my jokes and I can usually get a pity laugh so that’s all I am really asking for out of a companion. My humor has really hit rock bottom people. But, anyways I think we make a great team. 
            Currently serving in Chivay, Caylloma, Perú or Colca Canyon (cue the google search). The population here is comparable to that of Lead´s, so things are pretty popping, if you catch my drift. The down village (wait, is that a thing) or down town I guess has a speaker system that reaches the entire village. So basically we are talking the size of a Walmart. It’s super convenient though for example last night an elderly man, Señor Dávid, was reported missing and the entire village was provided hourly updates on his where-abouts. Also when a stray alpaca heard or bicycle cart is lost they got your back. But, I got to say my personal favorite is the catholic mass broadcast to the tune of a native flute every morning. 
  This week it´s all about the Deacons. I have been trying to do my part as “Presidente de Hombres Jovenes”. 95% sure karma is playing a large role in this but caballero no más. The Teachers are impossible. The Priest are busy studying in Arequipa but are good guys who need a kick in the right direction. But the deacons are always down to hang out with “Hermano “My-yoy””. Truthfully we only have 3 deacons but we have a group of about 15 twelve-thirteen year olds who come to the chapel whenever the gate is open. This last mutual I named them the “Lost Boys” their parents either work or have other less wholesome pass times but the majority of them are left to play in the streets until the after sunset. One of them explained to me how his parents never really have time, and later said that coming to the chapel and learning from the “hermanitos” is his favorite part of the week. It´s easily my favorite part as well. It can definitely be discouraging sometimes working in this small branch. Being called as 1st Counselor directing the Sacrament meeting and leaving the podium to bless the sacrament. Teaching Sunday school 2nd hour and Young Men’s the 3rd while Elder Kehoe subs for the relief society. But my “Lost Boys” help me remember my love for this little Chivay branch. I know the work will move all the way throughout Colca Canyon every little village will hear the fullness of the gospel. Even if it starts with a Deacons quorum.  ´

Other “bloggable” highlights:

-       Gnarly stomach flu got me feeling sometime of way. 
           The City invited Elder Kehoe and I to march in the Independence Day parade, we opted out and helped with some of the volunteer work. 
           Elder Kehoe has caught on to the fact that when asked to lead hymns I just wave my hand in a cursive L shape and is now trying to teach me. (again Elder Kehoe has an incredibly amount of patience haha) 
          My awesome, not so kid anymore, sister Abby sent me the best package an Elder has ever seen. 
       The tally mark count up for number of times a donkey entered the chapel for the last transfer was 8. 

Love you guys. 
Elder Malloy. 

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